Flow engineering consultancy

In addition to modelling and simulation, we provide flow engineering consultancy services. With our consulting services, we can help you to find the root cause of your device flow issues without spending time on unnecessary trial and error.

Contact us and let an expert take care of solving your problems and help you to design the necessary solutions.

CFD – Flow simulation

Flow simulation is used in a wide range of industries to determine the velocity, temperature and pressure of the substance flowing through different parts of the equipment. The main benefits of flow modelling become apparent in applications where it is particularly difficult to comprehend the flow phenomena. Flow simulation can be used when measuring by other means is practically impossible.

Flow modelling can be applied to new devices being manufactured and to existing devices and their operational problems.

Multiphase modelling of a separator

New appliances

Flow simulation can be used to improve the design of new equipment. It can be used to create virtual prototypes that allow poorly performing solutions to be weeded out at an early design stage. This virtual prototype can also be easily tested under different conditions, which significantly speeds up the design process.

Existing devices

Flow simulation helps to get to the real source of the problem in the device. Simulations allows you to see inside it and pinpoint the exact location of the issue. This allows corrective action to be targeted at the source, not merely the symptom.

The simulation project

A simulation project often starts with the client providing us with a CAD model of the device to be modelled and other initial data. If required, the CAD model can also be modelled by our company.

The next step is to determine in close collaboration with the customer the physical models and boundary conditions to be used for the simulation. Collaboration during this phase ensures that the calculation model describes the situation to be modelled as accurately as possible. Finally, we carry out the simulation itself, analyse the results and provide the client with a report of the results and a proposal for action.
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